Provence and California Headline Jetten Images 2005

Provence and California Headline  Jetten Images 2005

Thunder Bay, Ontario - November 2. 2005- An international flavour takes over the Jetten Images 2005 show and sale of original prints of the late Thunder Bay artist Doreen Jetten. Dubbed 'The Travels of Doreen Jetten', the exhibition marks a departure from the previous collections of local scenes that the Jetten family has released, and focuses on the artist's visits to Provence and California. The show features six prints from each locale and launches on November 5 and 6, 2005 at the Days Inn & Suites.

Denise Jetten, family spokeswoman and daughter of the artist said,"This collection is truly one of a kind.  We are very excited about sharing these images at our show this year. Provence and California were such inspirational places for my mother because they offered colours, lifestyles, and energy that were very different from her beloved Thunder Bay. She brought this inspiration to the local canvasses that she created after her travels to both regions."

Doreen Jetten visited her daughter who was studying in Aix-en-Provence in 1979. As always she toted a notebook and small paint box to capture the scenery around her.Immediately taken by the stunning panorama of Provence and awed by the opportunity to tread where such storied artists as Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso had before her, she filled her book with colourful and lively interpretations of this new vista.

Said Denise."The people of Aix were totally stunned and delighted by mum's paintings of their countryside. They could not believe that a Canadian artist could capture the essence of Provence so profoundly and insisted that they would work with local contacts to ensure that she was invited to return to Alx for an art exhibition."

Doreen Jetten held her solo exhibition 'Une artiste Canadienne sous le charme  du pays d'Aix' during the two week 'Festivale de Musique' in July, 1980. It attracted art collectors from across Europe.

California offered a very different story for the late artist. Her twin brother, an accomplished author and movie-script writer lived south of Los Angeles with his wife and family. Being a twin was very important to Doreen Jetten and she was extremely proud of her sibling and his accomplishments. She visited him to share birthdays, Christmases and summer sea-side chats and always insisted that they go painting together. He too was an accomplished artist.

Denise added,"My mother loved the vibrant California coastline. The adventuresome spirit of the surfers, the pink-sky hues of the marinas, and the jagged rocky coast delighted her artistic sensibilities and she masterfully interpreted them in oil paintings. She would leave wet canvasses with her twin and collect them on her next visit."

'The Travels of Doreen Jetten' is a fascinating voyage through two celebrated regions of the world through the eyes of Doreen Jetten. It was the travels of the late artist that brought her to Port Arthur to nurse at the Port Arthur General Hospital in 1953. The Jetten family is humbled to be able to contribute to the future of the new hospital through this venture, and we have added two new sizes to our offering for the first time.

Georgie Hari. President & CEO, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation said, "The Foundation is excited to be associated  with the Jetten family once again for this new initiative  and yet another demonstrated dimension of Doreen Jetten's talent."

Denise Jetten said, "Our partnership with the hospital is so rewarding.It is great to give back to an entity that meant so much to my mother. It has spawned further partnerships for the Jetten Images shows such as the Days Inn & Suites. They have hosted our exhibitions since 2002 and have gone out of their way to accommodate our needs. And, I am pleased that we have also secured a new partner in our fund raising venture this year, Pert's Framing & Art Gallery. They have beautifully matted and framed some of our prints and are offering a significant discount to our customers for six of the images in this collection. Pert's will also be the exclusive retailer of the six prints following our show."

'The Travels of Doreen Jetten' will open at 9:00am on Saturday.November 5, and run until 6:00 pm. Show hours on Sunday, November 6 are 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. There is no charge.

For further information please contact: Denise Jetten at 344-6326

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